Austin Area Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc.

Rescue - Deer

  When you come upon a baby deer lying helplessly alone, your first inclination is to think that it has been abandoned. Not true! Unless you see obvious signs of distress such as injury, fire ants or flies congregating on it, or it is wandering around aimlessly crying, leave the baby alone.

Mother deer do not stay with their babies while they are very young. Until the baby can follow the herd and forage, it will stay off by itself and the mother will come feed it, clean it and put it back in the same general vicinity until she returns. The fawn can be alone for several hours. This behavior can last for approximately two weeks. If a fawn is in a dangerous place (such as a driveway or street), but is unharmed, it is all right to move it nearby to a safer spot. If the fawn is injured, place it in a quiet, warm spot (a dog carrier with towels works well). Do not give the deer anything to eat or drink and email us at

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