Austin Area Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc.

Rescue - Skunks

First, determine if they are truly orphans.  To make sure the mother is not nearby, observe for a day or so to see if she appears with her young.  (This can only be done if the babies appear to be healthy.)  If baby skunks are seen alone during April and May (or earlier) there is a good chance they are orphaned.  Also if these babies are observed to be weak, thin and sickly, immediate care needs to be administered. 

  If you have determined that you have found orphan skunks, you will need to confine them. If you must handle a baby skunk, make sure you are wearing gloves and that you move very slowly, quietly, and in a non-threatening manner so as not to get sprayed.  You can either lift by the base of the tail (aiming the butt away from you) and place in a pet carrier, or if it is a very tiny baby, simply lift it up.  In some cases you can carefully lower a towel over the baby and scoop it up, then place in a container.

Keep the baby warm on a heating pad on LOW covered with one towel layer.  Make sure the baby can get off the heat when it chooses to. Don't try to bottle feed or give solids foods.  Keep the container in a dark, quiet place away from children and pets and email us at Do not handle the baby any more than is absolutely necessary. Always wear gloves and wash your hands after handling.

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