Austin Area Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc.

Rescue - Squirrel

Baby Squirrel

  Baby squirrels are often blown out of their nests during a storm. If you place the babies in a shallow box off the ground away from ants, the mother will often retrieve them when people are not around. Keep dogs, cats and children away from the site.

If you find the babies after sunset, keep them warm, dark and quiet overnight before trying to reunite them with their mother again the next morning.

Do not give the babies any food or drink. Feeding them the wrong thing can make them very sick!

If the babies are injured or if the mother has not returned within three hours, please call 512-709-6335.

Adult Squirrel

Carefully contain the animal. Squirrels can and will bite, even through welding gloves! Call us at 512-709-6335.

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